It’s time for an adventure!

Beginning life’s next chapter

Welcome to my blog! For years, I’ve been hearing about how I need to build my brand, get my name out there, become a sought-after expert in my field. You gotta be a blogger! they say. Why look at the woman in Julie and Julia who cooked through that cookbook and wrote a blog that became a big movie, or those kids who review tech gear and get a ton of free stuff, or who write about their clothes and end up guest-judging Project Runway! You need to be up on social media, link your blog to twitter and instagram posts!

Nah, I’m good. I’m happy being an accountant.


Well, OK, I’m not really an accountant, I’m an accounting manager. (OK I have you now. It’s awesome.) It’s been my life now for about 40 years. Financial statements, internal controls, general ledger systems, management reports. I’ve helped a few organizations get their act together, and some of it has been very rewarding, especially when your customers understand your value and appreciate how smart you have to be to do this stuff.

So I’m a finance guy, but what else am I? Ever since I went to business school, I’ve seen life happening after I leave the office. That’s when I spend time with my wife and the dogs, teach myself guitar, act in community theater, work at a potter’s wheel, ride my bike, enjoy my kids, plant the garden. OK, I’m not an extrovert, but I enjoy music and the arts, and I’m looking forward to having time someday to spend more time with friends who like these things too. I’m looking forward to playing with grandkids, getting better at music, seeing the world.

When is that time going to come? Soon, I’ll be closing my office door for good and allow that time after work to become my full-time life. I can retire! Hey, maybe I can also join AARP, write cranky letters to the editor, tell the kids next door how everything’s gone to hell because of Facebook.

But then there’s the thing with the bucket list. At my age, I’m beginning to see some of my old friends kick that bucket, and I’m more aware of how mortality can happen fast. Already, my parts are getting rusty. So I’ve got to get through that bucket list soon. Luckily, my bucket list is short:

A coast to coast bike ride.
Oh, and a blog about it.

Stephanie says she’ll go with me in an RV with the dogs. It’s going to be so cool. I’m looking forward to all the small towns and national parks, meeting new people in coffee shops and bike stores, stopping to see old friends along the way. I’m looking forward to sharing the experience, too. We’ll see if I get more that 5 people to read this thing by the time I’m done.

Retirement in thirteen months. That’s enough time to get it together, don’t you think?

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